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Transitional Services

Items and supports necessary for a person to move from a licensed setting to independent or semi-independent community-based housing.


A person is eligible to receive transitional services under the Elderly Waiver (EW) if they are:

  • Moving from an eligible licensed setting to independent or semi-independent community-based housing
  • Moving from a setting where the items were provided to a setting where these items are not normally furnished
  • Not able to access the items or support from other funding sources.

A person also must be either:

  • Enrolled on EW
  • Reasonably expected to enroll within 180 days.

Covered services

Transitional services/items

Transitional services cover items such as:

  • Basic household items
  • Essential furniture
  • Lease and rental deposits
  • One-time pest and allergen treatment of the setting
  • Personal items
  • Utility set-up fees and deposits
  • Window coverings.

Transitional services cover reconditioned items if the lead agency determines they are appropriate and safe by reasonable standards.

Transitional services/supports

Transitional services also cover personal supports to help the person:

  • Locate and transition to community-based housing
  • Move personal items from the licensed setting to the home
  • Arrange for utilities to be connected
  • Purchase household items and essential furniture.

Transitional Service Eligibility & Setting:


Transitional Services is a service available for people 18 years of age or older who are eligible for BI, CAC, CADI or DD waiver. Funding for these services is available when there are no other funding sources available, including Emergency Assistance. 


Person’s own home & Other Setting: A person’s own home is a setting they own, rent or lease that is not operated, owned or leased by a provider of services or supports. The person has full control of their housing and choice of service provider. Other settings include Adult foster care home, Hospital, Institutions like assisted living, IRTS, ICF/DD and Nursing Facility. 


Transitional services cover:

  • Essential furniture (e.g., bed frames, box spring and mattress, dining table and chairs, dressers, lamps, sofas)
  • Lease or rental deposits
  • Household supplies (e.g., cleaning supplies, dishes, drinking glasses, flatware, pots and pans, sheets, towels)
  • Moving expenses (e.g., moving vehicle rental, packing, unpacking)
  • Pest and allergen treatment of the home
  • Utility set-up fees and deposits
  • Window coverings.

Transitional services cover a maximum of:

  • $3,000 per transition
  • One transition every three years.

The funding is divided up for damage deposits, furniture and household supplies, and moving costs.


Interested Applying for SSI/RSDI Or Transitional Services:


If you’re interested in SOAR and you have a disabled condition and have established relationship with a medical provider, call our SOAR Advocate and Waiver Specialist at 612 332 9124 or send a referral to [email protected] 

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